About Anina

Anina Porter Fuller on a Ladder

About Anina Porter Fuller

Anina was born into an artistic East Coast family that includes painter Fairfield Porter. She received her art training at the Boston Museum School and from college art courses and private art lessons.

Anina’s mentor was Fairfield Porter. Fairfield took an interest in Anina’s works, which she created during the summers she spent on Great Spruce Head Island in Maine. Referring to her study with her uncle, Anina commented, “I feel very lucky to have had private training from someone who really cared about my work. He taught me to see in a new way.”

See Anina's Works in Public Exhibitions

Anina’s artwork has already been displayed in many gallery exhibitions, including in California, New York, and Maine.
You can see some of Anina’s public art collections at:

• Harvard Business School in Cambridge, MA
• Huntington Bank in Columbus, OH
• MBNA Corporation in Camden, ME
• Unidynamics Corporation in Stamford, CT

Additionally, as an experienced painter, Anina has already directed and painted many mural projects in private homes and public spaces. In 2003, she completed a storefront mural at Stanyan and Parnassus in San Francisco.

Learn More About Anina and Her Work

Learn more about Anina's lifetime of experience in art.
Anina Porter Fuller—Great Spruce Head Island Art Week, 1993–Present
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