Painting of a Red Leaved Tree

Original Artwork

Paintings that create lasting impressions
Painter Painting the Scenery

Original Oil Paintings by Anina Porter Fuller 

Explore Anina Porter Fuller’s collection of original artwork that fosters the feeling of relaxation, creativity, and inspiration. This page is devoted to the art of Anina Fuller – an artist who art historian William C. Agee described as “a painter of considerable merit.”

“Fuller’s vivid landscapes depict the places she loves and knows most intimately. She paints in contrasts, contrasts of light and shadow, open and enclosed spaces, tranquility, and activity. At times she gives full vent to her love of rich color; at other times, her paintings are studies in subtle and delicate color gradations.” Art historian Elita Agee describes Anina’s works as follows “Her paintings, mostly oils, are directly inspired by nature.”

An Artist with a Lifetime of Experience

Anina has been painting for 60 years, and she continues to create artwork for art enthusiasts in the U.S. She still paints at her residence in California’s Sonoma Valley. During the summer, she lives at her home on Great Spruce Head Island, ME, where her creative energy is felt and where she directs the annual GSHI Art Week.

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